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Summer pool options
07.06.2021 | sdecorshop | Summer theme blog

The first thing we need to consider is, who are the main users of this pool? For example: wives, children or the elderly, for different groups of people, we recommend choosing swimming pools with different fun orientations. Women prefer to be easy to use and stylish and beautiful; young children or young people prefer functional diversity, entertainment and fun; The elderly pay more attention to safety aspects.

Second, we need to consider the space. The general infinity pool occupies an area of ​​6m x 2.4m, which can be adjusted according to the household area.

Third, we can choose to use an economical and entertaining jet swimming practice pool, or we can choose a professional multi-stage adjustable swimming practice pool. The main difference is that the jet uses water pressure to generate water currents and make the water flow continuously. After the flow, people feel that there is no end when they are swimming. The disadvantage is that a lot of bubbles are generated, and the nose of beginners may be choked by the water; while the professional multi-stage adjustment swimming pool uses layers. Flow propulsion technology, uniform water output, 9-level adjustment, imitating the flow and velocity of natural rivers, without bubbles, swimming practitioners will be very relaxed and comfortable. According to our test, for adult women, a 2.8KW axial flow pump swimming pool running at speeds of 5-6 gears is sufficient, while for adult men, running at speeds of 6-7 gears is sufficient, as for 8-9 gears. The speed is designed for professional swimmers or challengers. In this way, a swimming pool can be used to "wonderful and old", and you can gradually become a professional from a beginner's identity. In the long run, the infinity pool practice pool is more cost-effective.

In short, what suits you is the best.